Our Amish furniture is available in five different finishes- "red" stain, grey stain, black stain, cream paint or black paint. These pieces are available two-toned. Some pieces of furniture are exclusively stocked in specific colour combinations, however, we're able to specially order in any combination!


Our Mennonite furniture is available in four different stain types- these pieces are only available in one finish colour per piece. Finishes include "red" stain, ebony stain, "black black" stain, and dark walnut stain. 

Furthermore, the stained top of each piece of furniture receives multiple coats of varathane, to make it as long lasting as possible. 

Due to the nature of our furniture, solid pine, there will be slight variation in colouring from piece to piece, due to the cut of the wood, knots, etc. Furthermore, the colouring may look different from piece to piece due to lighting or screen resolution.


"Red" Stain

"Grey" Stain

"Black" Stain

"Cream" Paint

"Black" Paint

*Note that black paint has shaved edges


*Note that nail heads and hinges are extremely visible. There may also be pencil marks or stamps on the surface.


"Red" Stain

Ebony Stain

Dark Walnut Stain

"Red" Stain Sawcut

*Only available on select pieces of furniture

Ebony Stain Sawcut

*Only available on select pieces of furniture

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