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When cleaning a solid wood piece of furniture use a lint free soft cloth and water only. When wiping the piece of furniture, wipe the same direction as the grain and never wipe against the grain. Never use chemicals, abrasive clothes and dry clothes as this will cause damage to a solid wood piece of furniture.

When using a wood piece of furniture always use table clothes, coasters, placemats, hot pads and any protect measurements required. Another option for protection is a customer glass piece to affix to the top of a wood table or piece of furniture, just be sure no moisture gets trapped under the glass as this can damage the finish and wood. Placing and sliding items directly on the wood furniture puts the wood at risk of damage including scratches.


There are many things that you can accidently scratch your solid wood furniture. It can be as simple as when you scoot your dishes or kitchenware on your furniture. Or when you place something directly on the table top or piece of furniture. Or when a laptop or other items have pads affixed to them. These are just some examples, but not limited to. Always use caution when placing anything on top of a piece of wood furniture that has no protection such as table clothes, placemats, coaster, hot pads, etc. as this can cause significant damage and scratches to solid wood furniture.


Another thing that can damage a piece of solid wood furniture is liquid spilling and not cleaning up immediately The liquid can seep into the wood and cause damage to both the finish and wood. As well as placing cups and mugs directly to a piece on a wood furniture can also cause damage to the wood.

To help prevent damage always use coasters and placemats. You can also use a custom glass top to cover the entirety of the table or furniture to help prevent damage.

Always avoid applying chemicals to any solid wood piece of furniture as this can cause significant damage.


Temperature can cause a lot of damage to wood furniture including tables. Placing hot pans, pots or dishes directly to the furniture can cause the wood to become bleached or faded.

To prevent any damage, always avoid placing hot cookware directly to table tops and always use protective pads.

Avoid placing a piece of solid wood furniture in direct sunlight; it will help preserve the life span of you furniture. Sunlight can cause the wood to become dry and eventually will crack the table due to low moisture content. High exposure to sunlight can also cause the wood to become faded and bleached.

Avoid placing any wood furniture near any vent, radiator or heat source as this can dry the wood out and cause the table to become damaged and/or cracked.


Any solid wood piece of furniture requires moisture control at all times in a home. If the environment becomes too dry it will cause the wood crack and cause damage. If the environment becomes too moist it will cause the wood to swell and expand.

The use of a humidity meter is recommended in any home with solid wood furniture to ensure the moisture levels are at a suitable level. Use caution when using dehumidifier, humidifier, diffusers, or placing wood furniture near vents as this can cause significant damage to wood pieces.