Check-Out Procedures 

Please use textable cell phone number when checking out

Within 12-24 hours of Checkout, staff will be in contact with you to follow up regarding payment (accepting eTransfers and all major credit cards, with the exception of American Express). While some products may be in stock, others will have to be specially ordered in (generally taking 8-10 weeks to arrive)- staff will notify you of your order time frame and will follow up (via email or text) with you when your order is available for pick-up.


If you are ordering your furniture in advance (ie. waiting for house to close) or will be away around the time it may arrive (ie. vacation), please notify staff at check out, so that we can do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

If you place 2 seperate orders please be advised that they will arrive at 2 seperate times. We are unable to hold the first order until the second comes in. Orders must be picked up within 7 days and will not be held longer for next order.

UPDATE: We have changed our finish on the Amish Furniture to complete varathaned bodies. Any piece purchased prior to June 2021 will have just had the top of the piece varathaned. This new finish application will enhance the durability of your furniture, however, may not match previously purchased pieces of furniture. 

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Furniture Policies

-All furniture is FINAL SALE.

-Receipt(physical/digital) MUST be presented at the time of furniture pick-up. Furniture will be withheld without said receipt or invoice number.

-A non-refundable deposit is required on any furniture order- once ordered, furniture is unable to be altered or substituted.

-We will not be held responsible for damage that occurs after leaving the store, nor during transit. Nor will we be held responsible for wear, fading or shrinkage of any material- or breakage as the result in incorrect usage.

-Furniture must be picked up within SEVEN (7) days of purchase and/or arriving to the store. Non-refundable deposit will be forfeit for furniture not picked up during indicated time frame.

-Customers are required to inspect all furniture prior to leaving the premises as all SALES ARE FINAL and are not able to be returned or exchanged. We recommend plastic wrap be removed from items to ensure it is fully inspected prior to leaving.

- Sale pricing is applicable with cash, debit or Etranfers only. Sale pricing is only applicable on or after start date. Orders made prior to sale will not credited back in any way, shape or form.