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Natural wood is an organic material and as such, every piece produced by Lucan Architectural is unique in character and appearance. Knots, unique grain patterns and other striations in the wood can all be present and are not considered to be a defect, as well differentiation amongst grain and appearance are to be expected.


Customers need to understand that the contraction (ex. Cracks/splits) and expansion (ex. Swelling) of wood are natural characteristics of solid wood due to the environment and are not considered manufacturing defects. Therefore, if they are present on a piece of solid wood furniture this indicates the environment does not have proper moisture control, and the environment’s moisture levels need to be changed. It is recommended that all homes with solid wood furniture have a moisture level reader (can be purchased at hardware stores) in their homes to ensure the solid wood furniture stays in the best possible condition. Homes may require a dehumidifier or humidifier depending on the moisture levels in a home.


Please note that the outdoor environment around home and weather outside don’t always mean the indoor environment will be the same- please always check your moisture levels regardless of outdoor conditions.


*We pride ourselves on our furniture we offer our customers, and ALL wood is properly dried prior to our Amish builders handcrafting any of the solid wood furniture.

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