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Amish 1 Feather Window Sideboard- 2 Depths

Easily add elegance to any space with one of our feather window cupboards! Indicate whether you prefer a 14" Depth (standard sized) or a 19" Depth (at an additional cost).


26" long, 39" tall, 14" deep OR 26" long, 39" tall, 19" deep

Amish 1 Feather Window Sideboard- 2 Depths

  • 1. All furniture is FINAL sale.


    2. Non-refundable deposit required on any special/custom order- once ordered, finished selection and dimensions are unable to be altered.


    3. We will not be responsible for damage that occurs after leaving the store or during transit. Not will we be held responsible for wear, fading or shrinkage of any material.


*Due to the nature of our furniture being made of solid wood, there will be slight variation in colouring from piece to piece,

due to the cut of the wood, knots, etc. Furthermore, the colouring may look different from piece to piece

due to lighting or screen resolution.

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