With the weekend upon us please note our hours- Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm!
With Christmas furniture orders arriving daily and our limited storage space please remember that we have a 7 day hold policy once you have been notified your order is ready. We are by scheduled pickups on Saturday and Sundays only at this time. Please remember that customers are responsible to fully inspect orders prior to loading, responsible to load and secure their load so please ensure you have brought enough help to load your order. 

*Read the terms and conditions for more details as well as FAQ's

Each piece of our Amish and Mennonite furniture is individually handcrafted (hand planed, sanded, stained, and varathaned)- and, more often than not, specifically built to order for each customer. 

Each piece of our Amish and Mennonite furniture is also built of solid wood- because of the nature of real wood, no two pieces are alike, with varying grains, markings, stain absorption, varathane settling, etc.). Due to these factors, the overall appearance of a finished product is beyond our control. 

If you're looking for a factory finished product, our furniture will, unfortunately, not meet your needs. That said, if you are looking for furniture that is truly one of a kind, has a unique personality, and is imperfectly perfect, you have some to the right place!