Metal Cacti- 4 Sizes

SEASONAL PRODUCT- Only available for order in spring and summer months! 


Bring the warmer weather to you year-round, with one of these metal cacti! Please allow 2-4 weeks for availability.

2’ $60
3’ $95
4’ $150
5’ $175
*Sizes approximate

Please indicate in text box which colour preference you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate you (please note that we don’t have the ability to order a specific colour from our supplier- rather, each shipment is a surprise even to us!

**If you are looking for pristine perfection, our metalwork is not for you, being perfectly imperfect- each piece slightly bent, scratched, or dented to some degree.

Metal Cacti- 4 Sizes



    *Due to the nature of our furniture being made of solid wood, there will be slight variation in colouring from piece to piece,

    due to the cut of the wood, knots, etc. Furthermore, the colouring may look different from piece to piece

    due to lighting or screen resolution.