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Harry Potter 8 Games Under 1 Roof

Harry Potter 8 Games Under 1 Roof!

Ages 4+

2-4 players

It's crowded in this Games Headquarters with eight magical games for 2-4 players, all centered around the included Hogwarts Castle! With imaginative twists on old favourites and brand new challenges, it's time to sit down for a spell and conjure up some playtime fun. 

1.) Tricky Tic-tac-toe

2.) Charmed Checkers

3.) Gillyweed Go-fish

4.) Magical Memory Match 

5.) Bogey Bingo

6.) Enchanted Hide and Seek

7.) Wizard's Trump 

8.) Qudditch Cup

Harry Potter 8 Games Under 1 Roof


    *Due to the nature of our furniture being made of solid wood, there will be slight variation in colouring from piece to piece,

    due to the cut of the wood, knots, etc. Furthermore, the colouring may look different from piece to piece

    due to lighting or screen resolution.

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